Founder`s Funda

    I was brought up in Kurla, one of the dusty suburbs of  Bombay [ as it was known back then ], which had a kind of laidback, easygoing  culture and feel, at least compared to the  “happening”  western suburbs and South Bombay, which had a much more “cosmopolitan” environment.

    I have fond memories of growing up  while playing many different kinds of games as a kid with my brothers and friends from the locality. We stayed in a government quarters campus as my father was a government employee. 

    After school time and especially during holidays, we played a huge variety of games, most of which were seasonal. There was a season for Bhavra ( Spinning tops ) , Gotya ( glass marbles ) Patang ( Flying kites ) etc.  &nbs

Why Soil Games ?

    If you were born in the late eighties or earlier , chances are that you would have grown up playing some sort of outdoor games involving friends, family and you would probably be able to recall that most of these games involved some kind of contact with “ soil ”. Playing outdoors was an essential part of the growing years until only about 2 decades ago. It is safe to say that it is hardly the case now. Some of you might say “ What is the big deal about that ? ”,but it is a fact that playing games that involve some form of contact with the earth/soil , or for that matter playing out

How It All Started

    The idea to do something for old traditional games had been lingering on our minds for quite some time, but the opportunity to actually do it came along when the team behind Satara Hill Half Marathon [SHHM] was brainstorming for an activity to kick start the local registration process for SHHM 2017, a popular running event organized by the Satara Runners, a local Running community initiative [ ] Dr. Sandeep Kate, the Founder of Satara Runners - pitched the idea of organizing a carnival of “Childhood Soil games" to his team and they all jumped onto the idea. The idea was

The Plan of Action...

    We’re sure there are a lot of people out there, who would like to do something to bring our lost childhood games back from the brink of extinction, but they aren’t exactly sure how to go about doing it. We think we have found a way to do it – at least a way to start going about it… We took inspiration from the success of the pilot edition of the Soil games Festival at Satara. We intend to replicate the organization of Jatra/ Mela/ Festival events like this in villages, towns, cities to remind the older generations of these games & to introduce these lovely pastimes to the new


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February 16,2019
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January 03,2019
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August 11,2018
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August 10,2018
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